Dwarf Grimmstone STL


The GrimmStone is the mainstay of the dwarf fleet – it is the most standardised in its construction of all dwarf ships, and newly promoted Warsmiths can, with relative ease, construct and  command such a vessel. They are numerous, sturdy and dependable. Despite their low gun count, their rate of fire coupled with increased accuracy from their broadside sponsons makes them the equal to larger ships in gunnery. Though they might be considered more susceptible to boarding actions than larger ships, the dwarfs compensate for this with fully enclosed gundecks protected by rune-sealed hatches. The enemy would underestimate these battle ships at their peril.

This model has been be split into multiple files to facilitate easier printing.

Designed for:

Armada Logo

File Type:

Full Model

Model Scale:

1:700 Heroic

Suggested Base:

30mm X 70mm

Linked Product:

Last Updated: 2023-06-21
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