What is the Mantic Vault?

High Quality Wargaming STLs built for Hobbyists by Hobbyists.

The Mantic Vault is a wargaming STL library and subscription service focussed on providing robust, game ready sculpts as full models, model upgrades and game accessories.

How Does the Mantic Vault work?

The Mantic Vault expands with a new pack of wargaming STL files every month. If you're subscribed, you instantly get access to the new pack and all files within it!

What's The Welcome pack?

Every new subscriber gets instant access to our welcome pack that includes a plethora of models of all types. Over time, we'll keep adding to this pack so keep an eye out for updates!

What types of STL are available?

The Mantic Vault provides the following STL model types:

  • Full Models - We'll release full original quality Mantic sculpts for key units in our game ranges (and others besides). Our full models are split into several files for both ease of printing and assembly. 
  • Model Upgrades - The perfect compliment to our base model lines, Model Upgrades replace and add parts to transform the original unit. 
  • Game Accessories - Tokens, markers and tilesets for roleplaying and tabletop games to enhance gameplay and add another dimension to your gaming experience.

DO I Lose Access To My Files If I Unsubscribe?

No! Once you've got access to a given pack, that'll never be revoked (for the lifetime of this service).

Can I Get Access To Previous Months?

Yes! Current subscribers will also get a discount on previous packs purchased after the pack release month. 

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