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Basilean Gur Panther

Falling somewhere in size between a frigate and a brig, the Gur Panther is a swift, elegant vessel of Sisterhood design. Its primary role is to tie up enemy vessels with savage hit-and-run attacks.

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Orcs Bloodrunner

One of the more versatile ships in an orc fleet, the Blood Runner does at least boast heavy broadsides for ranged capability, as well as a massive prow-drill designed for holing enemy ships.

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How to use your Free STL's in Armada

The models above are the perfect introduction to the Epic Naval Wargame, Armada! 

Step 1: Print

Print one of each model such that they each fit onto a 70mm X 30mm base. The actual size of the model is not as important as an accurately sized base.

Step 2: Find your Companion

The Mantic Companion has all the rules you need to start playing! If you've downloaded your Free STLs, then you already have a My Mantic account. Simply log in to the Companion and browse the Armada rules.

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Step 3: Find your Stats

The Armada List Builder on the Mantic Companion allows any account to create 2 free Fleet Lists. Simply add a Basilean and an Orc list to your account, then add a Gur Panther and Blood Runner to each list respectively.

Step 4: Play!

Grab some D10's, D6's and experience the best wargame on the open seas!

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