Overdrive The Bug STL


The Rival Pack for OverDrive contains everything you need to add The Bug and Big Mech to your OverDrive teams.

Big Mech was found rusting in a warehouse at DGB headquarters, following years on the sidelines of the DreadBall circuit. After giving it a fresh lick of paint and an improved (more violent) artificial intelligence chip, Big Mech has become a regular and destructive sight in OverDrive.

Adopted as a mascot for the Radner Hornets DreadBall team, where it displayed an unfortunate tendency to run onto the pitch and Slam into opposing players. Undeterred – and quickly realising The Bug’s potential – Radner Corporation enlisted The Bug into the OverDrive leagues.

This model has been be split into multiple files to facilitate easier printing.

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Last Updated: 2023-08-01
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