The Eiras Contract STL


Captain Erika Dulinsky: Former Captain for the Reiker Corporation. The exact circumstances of her dismissal from Reiker are unclear - her records remain classified. Whatever the case, her leadership and tactical experience put her in high demand among military freelancers, while her courage under fire make her an invaluable teammate.

Combat Utility Robot B07153: Designed as modular support, Combat Utility Robots have limited conversational skills and are almost exclusively task-oriented. That said, behavioral ‘quirks’ have been reported among older or battle-damaged units. ‘Curby’ is one such unit.

Francesco ‘The Devil’ Selvaggio: Soldier-for-hire with a predilection for close combat knife-work and demolitions. Selvaggio earned his nickname, ‘The Devil’, for his part in the fire-bombing campaign that laid waste to an entire planet. ‘The Devil’ has since made his way through the universe working for anyone with the credits to pay for his services, be they rebels, corporate snatch teams, or worse.

Wrath: The only Judwan ever recorded as being capable of violence. Subjected to an arduous ‘training’ program and fashioned into a killer at a young age, he is now one of the most wanted beings in the galaxy, always seeking the truth behind what was done to him... and revenge.

Kira: Sister to Reb’s leader Adrienne Nikolovski, Kira has taken a less violent approach to her work. She has worked for numerous different employers, including Blaine and the GCPS, much to Adrienne’s chagrin.

Alyse: Like so many of her race, the Kayowa, Alyse has lived much of her life in the shadows. Recruited as a young adult into the Rigel Syndicate, one of the most notorious blade gangs in the Third Sphere, Alyse quickly became an expert thief and a formidable fighter, freely using her ability to drain the lifeforce of her opponents and use it to heal her wounds and those of her comrades.

Ogan Helkkare: Ogan Helkkare is a rare thing in a vast galaxy: a Forge Father who has made his home within the GCPS. From his workshops on the world of Gelgar II, Helkkare has made a living using his hands and his mind to engineer everything from weapons engine parts. Ogan would gladly return to life aboard a Ward ship but he cannot, for he is an exile, spurned by his clan.

The Eiras Contract is a fixed point Deadzone Strike Team - full rules can be found on the Mantic Companion

This model has been be split into multiple files to facilitate easier printing.

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Last Updated: 2023-05-01
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