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May 23

Basilean and Orc Fleets Part 1 / A Storm in the Shires Part 1

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We've included everything needed to print and play our Epic Naval Battle game Armada! With 5 Basilean and 5 Orc ships you can immediately assemble your fleets and take to the seas with a friend. What's more, you can access the FREE RULES over on the Mantic Companion.


For the first time ever, Mantic have released full Kings of War models into the 3d STL market place. Bolster your Riftforged Orc force with the terrifying Helstrikers, or use our base Riftforged Orc body and the Infantry Upgrade STLs to add weapon options and Reborn Legionaries. 


Bravely defending the Shires from the Riftforged Orc invasion are the Halflings - now enhanced by 3 separate upgrade STL selections allowing you to field Knights, Stalwarts and Poachers (mounted and on foot) from the core Halfling Battle Group set. Oh, and did we mention we've released the full Aeronauts kits as well!

Basilean Abbess Basilean Elohi Basilean Gun Brig Basilean Gur Panther Basilean Sloop Orcs Blood Runner Orcs Bomb Boat Orcs Hammerfist Orcs Rabble Orcs Smasher Sandbank and Rocks Terrain Halfling Aeronauts Halfling Knights Upgrade Halfling Poachers Upgrade Halfling Stalwarts Upgrade Riftforged Orcs Helstrikers Riftforged Orcs Infantry Upgrades
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